Being a family and couples photographer in NYC, I've learned a lot about things like best photo locations in NYC. I also have more shoots than I can possibly share on my website! here I share real shoots and real advice to ensure your photo session is a success! 


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May 19, 2015

Family Photography- How to choose your location?



Hi guys! Choosing a location can be tricky, but here are thoughts to consider when it’s time to choose where you would like your photoshoot. Remember, it’s all about having the best experience and getting the kind of photos that you want!


1- Proximity




Depending on the age of your children, it’s sometimes best to keep the shoot close to home. Especially in NYC where the days can get pretty hectic pretty quick! Going all the way down to FiDi from UWS for those Cobblestone streets might seem like a good idea when booking, but so often it’s easier and just as beautiful to pick a great location closer to home! Even shooting AT HOME can be such a great idea (and keeps your kids comfortable!).


2- Somewhere (relatively) not crowded.


77th & CPW

77th & CPW


I know that’s hard in a big city like NYC, but we all know where the tourists are… so let’s avoid them 🙂 If you want to shoot in Central Park, pick the higher numbers as opposed to 59. If you want to shoot in any park, Riverside Park or Prospect Park might be better options than Central Park. If you schedule before 11:30 am, chances are you’ll have (relative) peace even in Central Park!


3- Color!

77th & CPW

77th & CPW

Coney Island

Coney Island

Color, color, color, color, color!! If your photographer is going to provide the lovely bokeh (read- that pretty blurry background), chances are the only thing you’ll really see in the background is color. And if the background IS going to be in focus, all the more reason to make it bright! So choosing a place with vibrant colors makes a huge difference! 



4- Choose somewhere meaningful.



Did you just move? Take photos there in front of your new building! How fun would it be to shoot outside of the kids’ favorite ice cream shop? Ooooor their favorite hot dog place? A meaningful location makes for great photos that you’ll be happy to look back on!


5- Be Flexible!

With the right photographer, some creativity, and good attitudes, great photos can happen anywhere!! I focus on portraits and lifestyle photography (classic family portraits and every-day-life photos). Different photographers focus on different kinds, whether it be portrait and lifestyle, dramatic, documentary, or in studio- Just make sure you choose someone whose work you like! A great image usually happens at the most unexpected of times, and part of the fun of photography is in the discovery :).

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