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May 9, 2015

What to wear on your family shoot?! Here are some ideas.

This is a question that I get asked a lot in preparation to family photo sessions, and it’s definitely a good one! Instead of telling you what not to do (please don’t wear lime green), I’ve put together some ideas to help get you started-



Did you catch that the key word is coordination 😉 Don’t match one another exactly, but pick coordinating colors, such as crimson and navy.


2- The Color POP.

We all know that life becomes all about our children, and embracing that is key to a beautifully coordinated photo with minimal effort! Are you SO confused about what to wear? Dress in Navy, tan, or black, and feature baby in a strong color like red!


3- Like Father Like Son!

Dress up Son & Dad in the same outfit or Mom & Daughter! This is also especially fun with siblings and twins. The key to doing this well is to do a slight variation- so don’t wear the same exact color, or maybe wear a skirt and shirt instead of a dress. It just has to be obvious enough to show that style does run in the family 😉


 4- Patterns in the Spring / Neutrals in the fall.

Spring is the best time to wear patterns! Other good times to wear patterns are when your setting is monochromatic (such as an all green lawn), or when the other family members are wearing solids (to do a pattern POP!). Fall calls for more neutrals, but don’t think that limits you to browns and greys, navy is a great color for fall!


5- Keep It Simple!

The most important factor is feeling comfortable! I can’t stress the value of images that feel authentic! So wear whatever makes you feel most like yourself. Yeeta and Avery above looked GREAT, but they also were playing and comfortable and being very much themselves.


6- (for the advanced!) Do it all!

Pick a palate, but make one of the colors pop, and be sure that mom and daughters are somewhat similarly dressed, throw in a splash of pattern, and above all keep it simple!

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