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April 14, 2015

Best gifts for photographers

Buying something for the photographer in your life can be tricky, but here are some options that will make your photog friend smile!

1- The iPhonographer’s Lens Kit!

We all have a bit of photographer in us! Here’s a way for everyone to take it to the next level. Lenses. FOR YOUR PHONE! And trust me, this is a great gift even for seasoned photographers! Because gear can get heavy and beautiful photos are always a must. The one below can be found on Groupon.

2- The Lens Mug


We’ve probably all seen this one before, but I can’t leave this gift out! It is not very expensive, and is the perfect example of It’s the thought that counts. This one can be found on ThinkGeek <- AWESOME site for lot’s of fun stuff.  If this one is too much for you, there are other mugs such as I shoot People and many other fun ideas!

3- The Camera Thumb Drive

How cute AND functional! It has 8gb of storage and you can choose from a Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera, which is a great option since you know how loyal photographers get about their brand (very!). You can buy these at TuesdaysAndFridays etsy shop.

4- Illustrations

Chances are your photographer is a very visual person- why not buy a great print to hang on the walls?! Here’s a great one by Click and Blossom.

5- The Vintage Camera

Many sites like craigslist and ebay have really cool and old vintage cameras that are semi-functional (usually not at all functional). But this is probably a beautiful looking camera that could be used for decor! And if your photographer is a manual/film geek , this could be a working camera some day 🙂

6- Photography Pillows.

Who doesn’t need more pillows?! These incredible cute ones come in a few different colors and styles and can be found at Click and Blossom (remember #4?!).

7- The Instant Camera

If your photographer friend doesn’t have one already- an instant camera is a super fun gift to bring in some fun and spontaneity! Some advice? Go with fujifilm and not polaroid; the film is accessible and more affordable. This fujifilm is a great option but be aware the film packs are bought separately!

I personally would love to own any of these, though I already have the Lens Mug (thanks dad!). Which would be your favorite?! 

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